Sometimes i write. Sometimes i paint. Daydream i do all the time.
I live in Delhi, India and am currently pusuing a bachelor’s degree in business economics.

I love to read, dance, watch movies, take  random naps ,take  long walks, binge on  potato chips, be creative, surf through blogs. Mostly you’ll see me indulging in silly/hearty laughs and trying to be sarcastic but  end up sounding nonsensical. Or singing Kishore Kumar songs at the top of my lungs while trying to imitate yesteryear’s dance style.If not these, then i’ll probably be sulking around and scaring off innocent little kiddos. oh, and i love loooove the Harry Potter series. And this explains my (weird, according to some) habit of listening to Harry potter audio books before going to sleep. It’s been an year since I’ve been doing this and darn it! I haven’t gotten bored yet! I also happen to binge on travel blogs a lot. So obviously i would love to travel the globe some day.

P.S. the fact that i share my birthday with that of the U.S.A. never ceases to excite me.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Im glad you found my blog. Consequenty, I found yours.
    I havent explored yours yet but cant wait to. Happy blogging. 🙂
    Happy Holi!
    P.S.: My nick name is Riya! 🙂

  2. As Asha said above ; here is a lovely blog of yours 🙂 & at the end you said about Harry potter & you won by a mile 🙂 as i am a huge fan of harry potter saga rather Hermione granger 😉 & i am having whole series in Blu-ray .

    will definitely meet in near future , at this lovely blog world . See ya / ” Aavjo ” 🙂

    Nirav .

    • You too ?!! It’s so rare to find potterheads on our side of the world ( if you don’t count your younger siblings that is). So naturally it’s a joy to know that there is someone who wouldn’t stare blankly when i use potteresque metaphors ( which is quite a lot). I’ll make sure to go through those posts you mentioned on your blog.
      And aavjo did you say ? That now brings up my gujarati vocab to a total of three words yay!!:-D

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