That Song..

I have a weird habit. Most of the mornings when i wake up, i have some song or the other playing in my head and i subsequently end up humming it through out the day. So sometimes it’s a some hip dance number currently souring the charts and taking over all the radio channels while on the other days it’s some mellow, sad number.

Mostly i try to tamp down the tendency to sing the song out loud in order to avoid embarrassing ¬†possibilities but today happened to be one of those days when your enthusiasm doesn’t cool off easily. I sang while on the rickshaw to the metro station, in the lift which earned me an indulgent smile from an elderly lady, in the class( for which i subsequently got asked to practice my singing prowess at some other place) and back at home which made my mum ask me, with an eager smile and a suggestive wink, whether i would like to share any new secrets with her( “no mum it’s not a guy”). The song which is so vehemently stuck to my brain and refuses to budge is this particular number which we used to sing when we were kids. I even gave a dance performance on it once which, because of my terrible miming talent, earned quite a few mocking laughs from fellow students and some aww-she’s-so-cute laughs from some of the teachers. Here’s the culprit in question:

Isn’t that a super cute song? And obviously the kiddo in the video. Listening to these old songs make me fall in love with old songs all over again. Our grandparents and parents were so lucky to have experienced these first hand on the big screen.

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