Book Review: Vain by Fisher Amelie



The story here revolves around Sophie Price- super rich, flawless in her beauty, mean to the extreme and absolutely unapologetic about it. She is the kind of girl who’ll make out with her ‘ best friend’s’ boyfriend and call her a whiny bitch if she complains, who shamelessly uses guys to further her vanity. She is the one every girl wants to be and every guy lusts after. Her life takes a one eighty degree after an eventful dinner with her father’s business client. An event that opens her drug  hazed eyes to the real world. To a place that is unimaginable to her. To a place far removed from her own crystal enshrined palace.  The story takes us through her journey toward retribution and realization of what really matters. And obviously along the way she finds her one true love.


It’s different- i’ll give it that. The heroine is refreshingly selfish, self- centered, snobbish and a complete bitch . I haven’t till yet read a book about such a loathsome character so it was new to me. And I liked the change. It was especially fun to read about her wealthy ways. Her exclusive hairdressers to her offensively expensive wardrobe. But there’s a reason to her detestable ways. And predictably it’s her self-centered parents who don’t give a hoot to their only daughter. The story was good. I specially liked the fact that the author took an unconventional root to bring about a change in Sophie. Yes it did have the fabled hot, lust-worthy hero but he isn’t given the center stage here. Instead it’,s a very humbling journey to an African orphanage that brings about the epiphany for Sophie.


But there are some disappointments as well. I felt the story was too fast paced and the author just skimmed over certain parts that had a lot of potential to be developed more. Also the cringe-worthy happy ending. Why did Ian’s mother suddenly break out the truth to him when she so vehemently wanted otherwise ? Or how did Sophie’s father undergo a change of his heart so quickly ?


All in all, it was a quick and easy read . A different plot line but hastily written it seems.

3 stars.



2 thoughts on “Book Review: Vain by Fisher Amelie

  1. I’d somewhat considered reading this because the cover looks so interesting. It sounds like it might be a good one to check out even with the flaws in the main character. Thanks for the heads up!

    • The flaws in the main character is the book’s usp. Although it doesn’t stay that way for long. But go ahead you’ll enjoy what little of her bitchiness you’ll get 🙂

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