Book Review : Easy by Tammara Webber


The first thing that I noticed and was intensely relieved for its existence in Easy by Tammara Webber is that it offers a relief from the typical extremely overrated mary sue heroines dominating the scene. Instead Jacqueline is a very regular, very real character who can be related to. And not just Jacqueline but all the characters behaved like college going students. So here we have a story which talks about college going people with characters who do come across as such.
Just one problem though. Jacqueline’s attitude after nearly getting raped by an acquaintance doesn’t seem to behave as one who has been subjected to such a heinous crime. I was expecting her to be more vigilant and extra careful about her activities and movements after the incident.
Also the fact that the author, along with offering to us a college romance, ties it up with very serious issues that have and are plaguing the society today, makes this novel a refreshing read. I loved the way it was executed and developed with the narration and the development Jacqueline underwent through the course of the novel. The romance is well developed and there is going to be more than one moment that you are going to smile widely and sort of swoon
All in all, Easy makes for an interesting and refreshing read and is bound to strike a cord with you.
P.S. You are going to LOVE Erin, Jacqueline’s roommate cum best friend. How I wish we had been given more of her in the book