Book Review: The Immortals of Meluha by Amish

Just finished with this book a couple of days back. Though it wasn’t a spectacular piece but nevertheless it kept me glued(though not i-can’t-put-it-down glued).

First the pros: given it has been written by a first time author, it is nicely written. the plot is engaging and is developed well through the course of the novel keeping the right amount of suspense(i was especially waiting for the mystery surrounding the Nagas to unfold but sadly it doesn’t happen in this book) . the concept is fresh and a relief from the horde of campus novels dominating the Indian reading scenario. I especially loved sati’s character as she is strong-willed, independent, confident yet respectful and resilient.

the cons: the link between the old and the modern world sounds rather absurd like the concept of the workings of the somras. i also found the language used by the characters pretty out of tune. the characters except those of the protagonists and one or two others, were quite badly tailored. i found it especially hard to believe when wise people like the king and his minister etc. blindly take shiv’s decisions to be accurate and benefiting to them.

All in all, The Immortals of Meluha makes for an interesting read and you would surely want to grab the sequels (the 2nd book hopefully reveals the nagas’s mystery. i don’t think i can wait any longer!) though not with the same anticipation as the harry potter sequels arouse.

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