Hello world!

Okay so here i go. The first post. THE FIRST post!!! I created this blog around 2 1/2 months ago, promised to be the religious blogger ( one of the types which make me I-promise-to-write-atleast-once-everyday inspired), even had a few ideas in mind about THE FIRST post but as this shit blank blog page signifies, i didn’t do as i promised myself. After a couple of months of procrastinating, in the  middle of my final exams, here i am trying to come up with the inaugral post of my blog. And while i am doing this it makes me think: why do all creative inspirations and ideas come at a time when you can’t afford to spend even a minute on them? I have this biiiig exam 3 days from now and needless to say  got  to seriously revise for it but hey, i got this inexplicable urge to write in this blog today when i could have done it 2 months back, when i had all the free time in the world. And whenever there’s an exam, i feel all the more frantic to just go and bring  the ideas out of my head and turn them real. Inexplicable as it is, i am just glad that the ideas come at all nevermind the time, good or bad.

So here’s presenting the debut post, the one and the only one that’s going to acquire the status of the launching post in the history of this blog.

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